What to do in Denver, besides the obvious (no, not that)
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My husband and I will be visiting Denver for a few days in June. It'll be our first time there. What are some unique things to do/things to see besides the beautiful landscape? Something I wouldn't necessarily find on a google search. Basically, this question from 2015, but updated.
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Meow Wolf. Go on a weekday. I've never been to the Denver one, but if it's anywhere like the Sante Fe one.... its amazing.
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My favorite thing we did there was rent a car and drive up Mt. Evans. Amazing views, you can see the environment change and it's effect on the flora and fauna. It was cool, interesting and fun.

The 2nd favorite thing we did there was get real high and go to the Mexican restaurant the kid at the dispensary recommended. Turns out "get high and eat Mexican food" was the place's business model and they know their business. A bit more of a specific recommendation for the obvious.

We also had fun getting cheap tickets to a baseball game and wandering around the stadium. We enjoyed some nice views of the mountains in the distance. Though we'd later learn those are foothills. Some baseball probably happened while we were there too.
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If you happen to be a Smokey and the Bandit fan, the Coors brewery isn’t too far away.
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The upper deck of Coors Field is a bar and tickets are reasonable. No seats, but tons of fun to lean on the rail and watch the game with a Coors.
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Have tea at the Brown Palace Hotel. Have dinner in the garden at Domo and tour their Aikido museum if it's open again by then.
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I'm bookmarking this purely so that when I go to Denver for Meow Wolf, I can maybe find other things to do. Go to Meow Wolf.
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Maybe more of a side trip if you happen to be downtown, but I really like the Kirkland Museum for decorative art.
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If you're going out to Golden (perhaps for the Coors brewery), the Colorado School of Mines has a nice Museum of Earth Science with some rocks and local geology stuff. It's a quick visit but admission is free! There's also the Colorado Railroad Museum which is great if you like trains (who doesn't?).
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Urban Putt was a lot of fun if you need to be indoors. I used to mention Tattered Cover bookstore but noted they moved mid-pandemic and could not figure out the new location, but that could be the timing.

Oh and Tea at Brown Palace is lovely! Walking through the lobby is also beautiful.
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Concerts and other musical events are back at the Botanic Gardens this summer. I also like the Kirkland and the Golden Museum of Earth Science mentioned upthread, but my favorite thing to do in the summer here is just eating/drinking/wandering outside. If you're staying near there, the rooftop patio and the pizza at Joy Hill are both low key great (with mountain views).
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Definitely do Meow Wolf if it piques your interest in the slightest. And if you dig modern art, do not miss the Clyfford Still Museum.
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I enjoy stopping by Little Man Ice Cream when I’m in town. Long lines but it’s a nice atmosphere. Lots of breweries, cider places, etc., if you’re into that. There seems to be new ones every time I’m in town so search for what you like. I usually go to the Denver Art Museum if there’s an exhibit I like (but I’m a big museum-goer. It’s no MET/MoMA etc.). If you do go to that art museum pop out onto the roof for a nice view (nothing to do out there, but you can see the city and mountains).
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The Dikeou Collection is a delightful modern art museum tucked into a series of offices downtown. They kept weird hours even pre-pandemic so definitely check before you go--but do go if you can.

Walk or bike down Larimer Street and see the murals on all the walls. While you're there, get coffee and a breakfast sandwich at Port Side, and/or lunch, dinner, happy-hour, or late-night noms at Cart-Driver, and/or dinner at Hop Alley. Or you can stop by Denver Central Market, one of Denver's many food halls--High Point Creamery is there, and they have the best ice cream of a city with a lot of good ice cream.

Check out the meticulously-crafted and cared-for Little Free Libraries at several of the RTD transit stops
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