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I have a senior relative who uses apple products exclusively and I would like to help them with their tech stuff, however I am an android user and usually end up googling their questions on my device instead of theirs because it's easier for me. I think I need to get and use an apple product so I become more adept at the apple universe. What model phone should I get?

Basically I would appreciate recommendations for an iphone model that has a close to up to date camera and won't be obsolete soonish. The rub is I'd like to spend less than $500

Or instead of a phone I'd be fine with an iPad that would be used for simple games. For that, what model and memory would be sufficient? Thanks!
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I feel like the new iPhone SE was made for you!
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That's almost word for word what I was going to say. NYTimes review: A Phone for the Anti-Consumer
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Response by poster: Wow! Timely article(for me who is a decade or so behind the curve)! I feel in sync with the universe.
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Also came in here to recommend the iPhone SE, though with the caveat that if your relative has more recent/higher end products (i.e. ones without a home button) there are some actions/gestures (like unlocking, powering on/off, returning to the Home Screen) that are performed differently on those.
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Response by poster: btfreek, Are you freaking kidding me. They still have home buttons on their devices but it annoys me I'll probably have to learn those movements too.

Sorry. I'll step out of the thread. Turn on my radio to soothe myself.
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I'm an Android guy who also carries an iPhone for work, because my company makes iOS apps as part of its software lineup, and I need to know how to use them; how to support them, etc.

You're still going to end up googling everything, but it's a lot easier to help people do a thing if you've tried it yourself on the real deal. I agree with the SE, but a used 8 would also be good for the reasons btfreek is referring to, above.
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Be sure to look online at the Apple Store's Refurbished department. Refurbed phones are reconditioned, carry the same warranty as new devices, and can be covered by Apple Care as well. Oh,and they're a little cheaper as well.
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