Renting a Fragrance Free Airbnb?
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How can I find a *truly* fragrance free Airbnb in Denver? I need to travel for a few days in June and am severely sensitive to fragrances. I’m feeling overwhelmed about finding accommodations, and am open to suggestions that aren’t Airbnb! But I have had terrible luck with hotel situations and people in adjacent rooms using heavy fragrance, so prefer something that is free standing. Are there cabins or something else I’m not thinking of? Do I just need to message every host that pops up in the area individually to inquire? If so, how do I word it so I don’t end up somewhere I can’t stay?
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Best answer: One way to get around Airbnb's inability to search is to go through Google with keywords; for instance, searching eco and Denver on Airbnb as a site search got me this result; any place that bills itself as an eco-friendly place might be more likely to use fewer artificial fragrances when cleaning, or at least be more amenable to a request of a fragrance-free environment. (Or try fragrance-free and Denver.)
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One of the unanimous five-star reviews for this studio apartment (with a private entrance) lauds the hosts' use of "fragrance free detergent and an air purifier" and describes the place as "very clean."
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Response by poster: Thank you, carrienaton! Turns out the magic words were “allergy” and “allergen” for the google site search. I have found and booked a place. They really should make it easier to search on the actual website instead of needing to use googlefu! For future askers - vegan was also a good search term. Eco was iffier with more of a focus on solar panels than anything, although it did have a few gems. I was tipped off to search for allergy related search terms by a listing on VRBO, but they’re much more booked up than airbnb.
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I'm glad you found a place! Totally using your method for my own lodging searches in the future.

As a fellow severely scent-sitive person who lived in Denver for several years recently, I want to give you a friendly warning you about the hotels in downtown Denver. I know you're not staying at one (and you made the right call there), but I'd recommend avoiding walking close by hotel entrances, if you can, or booking dinner at a hotel restaurant that would require you to go through the lobby.

I don't know if it's actually worse there for some reason or it's something about the altitude that makes scents seem stronger, but the hotels are scented so heavily I could always smell (and sometimes taste! yuck!) it just walking by, and I was pretty miserable until I figured out walking routes around town that avoided them entirely.

it's otherwise a lovely place, enjoy your trip!
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