Where's a good place to work in Seattle?
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I'm going to be moving to Seattle in a few months and I'm getting ready to start my job search. It's been just over a decade since I lived in the Northwest and I'm pretty unfamiliar with the current advertising/marketing/web scene.

I'm currently an Art Director with a pretty large advertising agency in Boston. I've got quite a bit of print and motion-graphics experience, but for the last 6-7 years I've been heavily focused on the interactive side of the business.

I'm aware of a couple Seattle agencies like Avenue A/Razorfish or Publicis, but that's pretty much it - I'd love to hear more about whatever else is out there. I'm not trying to limit myself to just advertising agencies though. I am just looking for some places to start doing research on places that could be a good fit for me. Whether that's in an agency, on the client side, for the government or wherever.
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Skillset-wise, I hand-code my own HTML, CSS and a little Javascript. I'm an intermediate to advanced ActionScripter, but I'm really just getting started with AS 2.0 and OOP. I'm at an expert level with all the usual suspects (Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, etc.) and I count myself as a member of the cult that worships at the temple called After Effects.

I'm still putting my portfolio site together, but two recent websites I've worked on are for the Massachusetts State Lottery and the Definity product for Bristol-Meyers Squibb Medical Imaging.
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I just did the same thing in Sept. I've had good luck getting short (< 1 month) contracts through creative staffing agencies (bigfish, terra services, etc). it's been a good way to meet people and build a bit of a network. i'm at mrm partners right now, their client is ms (big $, low creativity).br>
Drop me a line when you get here, I'll buy you a cup of coffee.
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I work at MSNBC.com on the Microsoft campus. Lots of folks don't know we're in the Seattle area. We have some art/graphics jobs available, though unsure if they match what you do. Our job listing page is online here.
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Thanks for responding! I'll definitely take you up on that coffee rschroed.
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Also try Filter Talent.
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Getty Images is HQd in Seattle.
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