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I've got a MediaWiki front-end question...

So we've recently started using MediaWiki where I work for documentation support on a large, distributed software project. Half of the people accessing this wiki are software engineers or mostly technical people, and the other half, while computer savvy, are not programmers or used to markup languages. I personally find the wiki markup language annoying, and I can imagine that others will eventually feel the same way as use picks up.

Is there a front-end (by which I mean plug-in, js extension, piece of code I can easily take and integrate) for mediawiki that adds GUI-like support for wiki markup, something along the lines of Writely or any analogue?
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Response by poster: Just as a clarification: Writely-style interface for wikiMarkup, not a whole word processor-in-a-browser...
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Best answer: Yes.
There's also a quite useful Word2Wiki script which I've employed to some success.
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Best answer: Pilaf seems to be mainly for live preview. I think the poster is also after a WYSIWYG editor which outputs to WikiMarkup. TinyMCE and FCKeditor are the best javascript content editors IMO; this seems like a good project to integrate them into MediaWiki. Still in beta by the looks of things, though.
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In fact, Google has a bunch of resuls for (tinymce|fckeditor) mediawiki
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Best answer: WYSIWYG editor on the MediaWiki site.
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