Anyone know who's singing this song?
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I don't know if I'm living under a rock, but I can't place who's singing the song on the Lacoste website - . I keep refreshing the site just to listen to the music (no this is not a plug - I do not now nor have I ever owned anything Lacoste....Nor am I affiliated with the artist ;-)
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the FAQ says:

website music
title: Destiny
Artist: zero 7
album: Simple Things
(c) Ultimate dilemma
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I think this is on my "Ultra Chilled" CD. I have one and 2 and really love them.

I think if you like this song you'll dig the other stuff.

And when I'm in the mood for that I like this too... Paris Lounge
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Thanks for the reminder to put on some Zero 7. My office was silent for a bit, and now it's much, much better.
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Yep, that's Destiny all right. Simple Things was the first CD by Zero 7, and well worth the purchase. According to their website, they're set to release a new album next month. From what I've heard of it, it's a bit more up-tempo.
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There is an awesome Zero7 live bootleg floating around, the last song is a cover of "Hot Fun in the Summertime" -- amazing. Get it if you can.
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Thanks for the responses everyone - guess I have been living under a rock........ Gonna get the CD.
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Some MeFi reader has been diligently performing their civic Intarweb duties and updated Zero 7's Wikipedia entry. Bravo!

Also: Zero 7 collaborated with Danger Mouse and MF DOOM in 2004 and produced this awesome remix of Somersault.
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Wow, that's weird. I just saw Sia, who is the vocalist on that song, last night in Minneapolis. Phenomenal to see live (she sang all of the Zero 7 material she sings on, as well as her solo material), and now that I've read her wiki page, I know that she's the niece of Men at Work front man Colin Hay. So there ya go.
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