Unexpected extra day in Seattle next week, no car. Need fun ferry day.
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Got a bonus day in Seattle next week and would love to spend a chunk of Thursday on ferries and maybe a meal(not hugely important as I get that not eating seafood limits my options--omnivore otherwise) at some destination.

Hoping for around 8 hours round trip and have no accessibility issues and am not afraid to throw money to make fun happen, I've been saving since motherfuckin' covid. The boating experience is the void I most need filled currently and shoreside festivities are a bonus. Hotel is walking distance from the downtown ferry.

Friday is also an option and would be up for changing plans around to accommodate something cool.
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If it was summertime, I'd say head down the street to Anthony's Fish Bar for fish tacos. But we're in the middle of a cold snap, so that's probably not too helpful.

You're not too far from Pike Place Market, where you could go to Lowell's and get some warm chowdah or other fish- or crustacean-based dish. If seafood is not your thing, there are plenty of other sit-down restaurants in, around, and not too far from the market: Place Pigalle, Il Bistro, Le Pichet, Café Campagne, Purple, and many more.

If you want a real treat and don't mind grabbing a 15-minute carshare ride, maybe look at Eden Hill — one of the city's best restaurants, IMO.
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I spent a day on Vashon a few years ago and I loved it. There is a cute coffee roasting place and a really scrumptious vegetarian cafe slash bakery with a wonderful patio, although I have no idea how friendly Seattle weather is for outdoor dining at this time of year.
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Best answer: Well, as a Bainbridge Islander, I'd be remiss not to mention a few things to do around here, since, with 8 hours, it probably makes the most sense to take the 35-minute boat to and fro, though you could also consider the water taxi to West Seattle, the fast ferry to Kingston (40 minutes) or a two-part Bremerton (50 minutes) to Port Orchard (15 minutes) combo-ferry experience. Vashon Island (45 minutes) is an option, too, but the Vashon ferry terminal doesn't depart from the main downtown Coleman Dock terminal. You'd need to take the water taxi to West Seattle and then onto Vashon, and that might eat into your 8h.

Bainbridge-wise, my number one recommendation is Proper Fish, which is seafood, so no good in your case. But there's good food to be had at Ba Sa, Bruciato, Hitchcock, Restaurant Marche, Agate, and Mora (for ice cream). Pegasus is my favorite coffee shop in town and Coquette my favorite bakery. I also recommend Via Rosa (and the adjacent Bay Hay), but those require transportation (if you bike, you can rent a bike by the ferry and bike there, lots of nice beach walks near Via Rosa).

If you have transport (including bike) and like to hike, pop by Eagle Harbor Bookshop and peek at 30 Walks on Bainbridge for inspiration.
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Best answer: +1 for taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island.
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I live in Bremerton, so that’s where you should come IMNSHO. It’s a really beautiful ferry ride that can take up to an hour, depending on the ferry assigned (some are slower than others). Once here, check out the excellent Salvadoran food at El Balcon (menu). After that, head over to the Kitsap History Museum, they got a great collection of Black Americana on exhibit right now. Or, to keep things Naval, check out the Naval History Museum (It’s roughly across the street from El Balcon).
Also Downtown, we’ve got not one, but TWO pinball arcades, the first one is also a bar. There’s a new record store downtown too, if that scratches an itch.
If you’re here Friday - Sunday, and before noon or so (they close when they sell out, which is every day they’re open) it’s totally worthwhile to walk a mile over to the Manette neighborhood to get the best croissant this side of Paris at Saboteur bakery.
If you want some more boating, take the foot ferry over to Port Orchard, you’ll get a great view of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on your way. Carter’s has great sweets and incredible sandwiches and soups if you’re hungry again.
I wish we were in town at the time, we could have a mini meetup! Have fun!
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Best answer: You want to take the Bainbridge ferry for sure. The downtown is right there, walkable off the ferry. There are a bunch of nice restaurants, so you can choose according to your taste. Doc’s and the Harbour House have typical tourist town food but great views. There’s also good pizza, so I’ve heard. Mora’s is good for ice cream if it’s not too cold and there’s a sweet bookstore. The supermarket near the pier sells local specialties so you could bring home Seattle coffee or something like that. The ferry ride itself is also really special.

The aforementioned Vashon is nice too but you’d have to take a bus from the ferry to the downtown area, which is nice but it’s not on the water. And the main Vashon ferry leaves from another part of town.
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It's not a full day trip but the West Seattle water taxi will take you straight to Marination Ma Kai for food and views.
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Not a ferry trip and limited to Sunday only, but the Connections Museum is worth a visit. If you don't make it they have a YouTube channel too.
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Response by poster: Looks like Bainbridge it is, perfect trip length and I appreciate not having to bring my car or uber/lyft. Thanks so much for the helpful ideas and links.
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Just a note to the above - if you want to go to Vashon, there is a water taxi that runs directly there from just south of Colman Dock. It is mostly used by commuters so it only runs in the mornings and evenings, but it's a direct trip.
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But without a car, you are still a long way from "downtown" Vashon, and, TBH, there is not a ton there to do other than shop for trinkets. Agree with other posters that Bainbridge will work out the best for your situation.
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