How to get lipstick and scuba mask staining off of a mannequin's "skin"?
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Is there some kind of special soap for mannequins?

I have some beauty school drop-out/hairstylist's practice head, and he's had a most unfortunate incident involving excessive lipstick. As it is some kind of soft plastic, it seems a bit tricky in finding the proper cleaner. I've tried what I have available, but it's not been very effective. Anyone know what works best?
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General all purpose cleaner. The kind you find at a Dollar Store.

But do you mean a TV Soap? In that case, "All My Children" has been boring lately and suited for mannequins.
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Vinegar diluted with water cleans most layers of soot and dust very effectively without damaging sensitive paint coatings.
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I'd try that Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thing. It's gotten rid of some crazy stains that I didn't think were possible to remove.
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Try some mechanics waterless hand soap (but not the type with pumice or other grit), its great at removing inks and greasy stuff. Should be ok, but with anything you could try less noticable spot first. And I love Spray 9, if you can find it.
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I'd be tempted to try makeup remover - it's makeup that you want to get off, after all, and if it doesn't burn human skin, than surely it won't hurt mannequin skin. Lipstick is damn near impossible to get off of things using anything else. If that doesn't work, there are these premoistened wipes called Greased Lightning that I get at the local supermarket, and they cut through all grease & grime magically. Just don't use them near his eyes or anything painted on his face. . . /me remembers tragic incident involving malibu barbie and nail polish remover - hideous melted face barbie.
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"Greased Lightning" from Home Depot or elsewhere is a dream to use for this kind of thing. We started using to clean odd stuff in the garage but it has become a general purpose cleaner in our home.
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