Purchase Expanse season 6 for download in NZ?
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How can I purchase season 6 of The Expanse for download in NZ? If the answer is "there is no legit source" then I'm open to other avenues.

I'm in New Zealand and will be here a few more days, going somewhere without good internet or mail services. I like The Expanse and would like to get season 6 to watch while I'm there.

Physical objects like DVDs are not very likely to reach me at this point. I have a decent internet connection for about the next 3 days. Is there any way for me to download season 6? I am happy to purchase it, but I haven't seen it for sale as a download. Maybe I'm missing something obvious.

I'm also open to non-purchase options but I'm not usually much of a video person and am pretty unfamiliar with the terrain of online video sources and how to find things, so if that's your suggestion I might need a little extra detail (feel free to MeMail me if you'd rather not post in the thread).

Please no spoilers in this thread - I've only watched to the end of season 3 so far, and have not read the books.
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Season 6 does not seem to be available for purchase anywhere yet, digital or physical.

If you have Amazon Prime, you should be able to use the Amazon Video app (as opposed to the website) to download the episodes for later viewing. I think that's about the only (legal) way you can make this work.
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Best answer: Installing a reliable, ad-free, open source, cross-platform BitTorrent client and pasting any of the following BitTorrent info hash values into its "Open URL" dialog box will find it for you. Will probably take a few minutes to get started but should complete relatively quickly given NZ's excellent internet infrastructure.

720p, 12GB: 1ed56894b0552c0710598a2361e1ffce96edc46e
1080p, 24GB: e93335064f56a5393bcc38465f8f40ff1752f1b7
2160p, 68GB: ca10c2ae08d71d9c16162127152a67d4dfe93d92
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Response by poster: ...and flabdablet saves the day. I thank you and my future co-watchers thank you.

I already had Transmission and have used it occasionally (including to get the excellent version of Metropolis you pointed to a few weeks back), but didn't realise I could directly put the hash value into 'Open URL'. So I got to learn something today, too!
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