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Does MyYahoo work for anyone else since they switched to the drop-and-drag interface? And if so can you tell me how to get mine working correctly? I've tried to use Yahoo help but didn't get more than an automated response and a "we've forwarded this to our development team" message.

The main problem that I have with my MyYahoo page is that I can no longer re-order most of the content boxes on the page. I have a two column setup with one column of narrow boxes on the left and a column of wide boxes on the right and the funny thing is that I can re-order the boxes in the left column but not the right. I can move the boxes in the right column up or down either by drop and drag or by using the arrows in the drop down "edit" menu but the changes are not persistant and when the page reloads, all my changes revert.

This is driving me pretty crazy as I have a large number of rss feeds on the page and they are all out of order and I would like to catagorize them by subject (news, movies, politics, cars, etc).

I'm running FF on Windows XP SP2
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I found I had the same trouble with My Yahoo!. What I did was click the 'Change Layout' link and sort everything out there using the arrows, then click 'Finished' when I had it as I like it.

It's not reverted since then.
posted by seancake at 7:06 PM on April 10, 2006

seancake, I'd forgotten about that. I'm still annoyed that all that flashy web 2.0 stuff doesn't work worth a damn but at least my feeds are in order. Thanks.
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