Australian Film About Young Artist Who Could Stop Time
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It was released in the past 4-5 years. He's an artist working at a boring job at a grocery store. He finds that he can suspend time and does so, stripping female shoppers and sketching their nude bodies. He falls in love with a young woman who works at the register. He sketches her also. They fall out of love. He has a show. She shows up and sees the images that he had drawn of her. Any help here?
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Best answer: Are you thinking of Cashback? Which is British from 2006. Was there an Australian remake?
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Best answer: Are you thinking of Cashback?

The description matches my memories of that film.
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Best answer: To folks who didn't know UK or Australia, their accents sound somewhat similar.

I concur this must be referring to Cashback.
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Sounds like a plot borrowed from Nicholson Baker: The Fermata (1994)
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