Where to go in February for a couple of weeks, east coast edition
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My friend, myself, and my dog are taking a road trip in February but not sure where to go. I'd like it to be within a couple of days drive from NYC, warm but not necessarily hot, and somewhere that I can bring my dog out for activities.

I can't hike extensively, and currently ride my bike around the park every morning with my dog following with the occasional side track to chase a squirrel (there are legal off leash hours and my dog is older not even close to fast enough to catch or even get near a squirrel). I will be taking my bike with me, so access to somewhere I can ride and she can trot is ideal (either on or off leash). I'm not much of a beach goer but I'm ok with them for short walks and such.

Current suggestions from my friend are Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach NC, Asheville NC, or someplace in South Carolina or Georgia, but coastal states are not a requirement so any ideas more inland are also good.

Mefites who know these areas, what are your recommendations?

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Best answer: How warm is warm and when in February? Wrightsville is looking to break a high of 60 the first week of February, but Asheville's looking at a high of 24 on Saturday and maybe 50 the first week in February. And 50 and rainy in the mountains is not warm (I say this from Greensboro, where I am currently chilly AF. Looking at the 10 day for NYC, either of those locations is going to give you about the same weather you're currently experiencing).
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Best answer: Yeah, here the when in February can make a big difference. Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach NC may very well be warm in the end of Feb. Though if you aren't much of a beach person, there's not much else to do there. The area of the research triangle (Durham/Chapel Hill/Raleigh) will most likely be warmer later on in the month, has nice places for short walks and bike rides (urban trails as well as a number of state parks), but also more to do.

Another slightly warmer/southern option is Charleston SC, which has a nearby forest. I've never been to Charleston, but once researched a bit when I applied for a job there, and it seems like a beautiful city to visit.
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Best answer: The nearer to the coast, the warmer it's likely to be. Farther inland usually means higher elevation, and therefore colder.

There are towns on the east side of Chesapeake Bay that draw tourists in the summer mostly through a general quaintness. Chestertown and Cambridge, as examples. They have possible advantage to you of being one day's drive from NYC. I don't think it would be too hard to find places to exercise the dog.
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Best answer: I don't think it's particularly warm in February, but I'd want to check out New River Gorge in West Virginia (newest national park!) for biking; apparently they allow dogs on leash on trails too. It's about an 8h drive from NYC.

You could also check out destinations along the East Coast Greenway - see suggested itineraries, including Williamsburg (~5h drive) and NC Research Triangle (~8h+).

Further south, Atlanta is a ~13h (2-day?) drive for a warmer non-beachy option with some biking. Savannah is ~12h and has parks with paths.
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