..ok, what do you know about Lundy Bancroft?
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Supporting materials for this author/figure?

I have multiple friends working in a similar field. Some of this authors work is continuously recommended for people working through some of their most difficult experiences.

I have occasionally encountered "anti-vaxer," "uncertified," "not qualified," as some of the more critical perspectives of this figure.

Can anyone explain how this authors work is supported or verified? How it became popular ? Are any of the serious criticisms true? More recently he appears to be working alongside a PhD certified psychologist.

I am asking as I know some people who may benefit from his work, but I'm not directly experienced. I'm also iffy on a lot of self help work, it's always nice to know certain works are supported. I have seen some of LBs work cited, here. It's quite popular, but why!
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I don’t know about his overall scope of work or typical critical responses to it, but Why Does He Do That? is recommended here very frequently. A search for that title will turn up many other threads that you might find useful.
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I hadn't heard anything about Bancroft's views on vaccination, and I have no idea if his work with abusers is effective. I will say I have found Why Does He Do That? - his book for present and past targets of abuse - to be invaluable despite its essentialism. I am one of the people who benefited from it being recommended to me, and will recommend it to others (with the caveat that yeah, it's basically about straight people).

That is, throughout the text, Bancroft focuses almost exclusively on men abusing their wives/girlfriends/etc, as that's his main area of expertise and statistically most common. He makes some brief references to familial and same-sex relationship abuse, but it's not clear from the text whether he's ever worked with a trans person.

That said, it talks about the actual dynamics of abuse - as an ongoing pattern of entitlement and control - incredibly effectively, and as a trans guy whose experiences with abuse mostly haven't fallen along the gendered lines he discusses, I have found it really, really helpful and accurate.
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If you Google Lundy Bancroft antivax you’ll get some hits to tweets and a website he maintains about how vaccines are Not Dangerous Exactly But There are Problems. Does this mean his book on intimate partner violence is unhelpful? I haven’t read the book so I can’t really comment.
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Response by poster: Ty answerers. All is helpful, but to refine: most people answer as jon1270 has. I'd be interested in knowing more about any concrete work this person may have, to construct his theories.. or how his work is affected by working alongside others with stronger academic background, etc. He seems to work informally, but his work is always recommended for what it is.

This aside, even if a person has little in official certification, the ability to take a very complex subject like domestic violence, and break it into a personable, readable format in which seemingly many people have interest/gain insight, is certainly a skill.
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I'd be interested in knowing more about any concrete work this person may have, to construct his theories.. or how his work is affected by working alongside others with stronger academic background, etc.

Do you mean that you are interested in any of his written work that is not his popular books? In other words, are you looking for his participation within the realms of formal research? I'm finding it hard to understand your question.
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Response by poster: Thella, yes! My apologies, I was struggling to phrase. It seems the persons work is widely influential for some people, but the only response I've gotten as to why is the person is empathetic and popular.

Not bad, but it'd be helpful to know more if I recommend the work or the work of someone who recommends the work.

I've also seen he's multiple times worked with accredited universities or psyches.
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Best answer: He has some articles listed in Researchgate and you can investigate what articles he cites.
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Response by poster: Yes! I don't intend to threadsit, this is what I wanted. Thank you!

As a note, this person appears to have strong relations with JG Silverman, (Ph.D., Director, Violence Prevention Programs, Harvard School of Public Health) and multiple others. Obviously, these relatiobs are separate from his work, but likely greatly influential.
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Response by poster: Last update: Okay, I snagged the audiobook.. I'd say it's popular because it's likely flatly good or effective at what it's intended to do.

Very slightly academic, very pragmatic, very accessible. The only hesitations I had were the authors indirect credentials and the title.

I am concerned about hokey, lifetime-channel pieces that pander to women: this doesn't do so at all. It's definitely pro-women/pro-individual, and Lundy does well to pragmatically neutralize unnecessary power differentials. I certainly get it now. It does have a preface to set a tone for LGBTQ+ listeners.

All and all, a funny piece for casual listening, but 10/10 for its intentions. Can recommend.
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Response by poster: *pandering to women/men/only one gender etc.
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