Another book identifcation request
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I'm looking for the name or author of a fantasy book, where one of the characteristics of the world was that objects got better - in better condition, more valued - as they were used.

It might have been part of a series. I probably read it in the early 80s, but don't know how long before that it would have been published. It may have been classified as sci-fi rather than fantasy.

I don't think that was a major part of the plot - just an interesting thing about the world, but won't swear to that.
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Sounds like David Brin's The Practice Effect.
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Seconding The Practice Effect (1984). Darnit, you beat me. Brin mostly writes medium-soft Sci-fi, so it stands out in his canon.
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Yep, thirded. The whole concept has stayed with since I first read it -- such a great hook!!
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