Around the world in 80 Data
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Do you know of any datasets associated with "Around the world in 80 days" or any article discussing the detailed geography from a factual point of view?

I've started doing some geographical analysis of Around the world in 80 days, and sort of expected to see some existing work on mapping the route, but there seems to be very little.

I'm looking for ideally a dataset of routes with associated geodata (though this might be a bit of a pipe dream) but I'd also be interested in any articles discussing the accuracy of the route as described, or really any other historic examination of the book. (And only the book! I'm not interested in any adaptations)
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Is this (Mapping Places in Around the World in 80 days ) the type of thing you're looking for, Mr. Beeblebrox?
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There’s also a map of points in WikiVoyage. Googling [what route did Phileas Fogg take] seemed somewhat fruitful as far as articles.
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Response by poster: The answer seemed to be that there wasn't what I needed. So I made my own.

It's still a little rough, but it works. There's some notes
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