Driving suggestions from Vancouver, B.C. to Seattle
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Planning to drive between these two cities this summer and would be interested to know a.) how long would the quickest route take (and what is it) b.) can you suggest a scenic route (and how long you think it might take).
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Sorry--new to Metafilter--meant to specify I'm driving from Vancouver, B.C. to Seattle
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2 1/2 -3 hours, depending on the border wait. The truck crossing is often much quicker -there's a sign listing the wait times at each crossing just outside of White Rock so you can make your decision then. Stop in Bellingham, have a bowl of soup at the Colophon Cafe, take a walk through the WWU Campus and it's sculptures and instead of getting back on the I-5 South, take the Chuckanut Drive route. It's one of the most beautiful drives in the Northwest, about 30 miles of twisty roads and Big Sur-like views, and leads directly back to the I-5 South. Stop for oysters at the Oyster Bar on Chuckanut Drive if you have time and inclination.. It's a very easy drive. Make sure you have a passport; the US Border officers are in high 'protective' mode.
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There's another border crossing not too far inland of the Peace Arch and it's way quicker. I'm not sure what road its on but I'm sure google maps or any street atlas will show you.
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seconding what lois1950 said - but adding that after crossing the border at the Peace Arch, take the very first exit (right lane) and head down the hill to the lovely beach town of White Rock. If the tide is out, there is a huge flat beach to roam, if it's in, you can walk the promenade (for about four miles), or go out on the pier. Don't stop at the first batch of shops/restaurants you come to, go a little further (2 miles?) and you'll be rewarded with a better class of restaurants to choose from. From White Rock, you can wend your way on back roads (get a map - AAA ones are good) almost all the way to Vancouver; you'll have to merge into the 'mainstream' roads when you get to the Fraser River. With stops in Bellingham and White Rock, plan on 4-5 hours (with no hassle at the border); without any stops on I-5, 2-3 hours should do it. If you can avoid crossing on weekends - Friday through Saturday - you'll probably miss the biggest lines. Sunday afternoon/evening coming back can be ugly too.
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