Another “what movie was this” question.
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There is a movie with a scene I am trying to remember. The scene is this: a single mother with two very young children must take one of them the emergency department in the middle of the night, but has no one to look after the younger child.

So she knocks on the door of neighbors she does not know and asks them if they will do it, although she is, reasonably, distraught at the thought of leaving her child with strangers. As I recall, the neighbors are a couple who turn out to be mensches and all ends well.

Does this ring a bell with anyone? This movie probably came out within the last 10 years. It may have been a television show, but I think it was a movie. This is driving me nuts.
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Best answer: Is it possible you are misremembering an episode of Louie?

Season 2, Episode 1, "Pregnant":
Louie's pregnant sister visits, and she needs to be taken to the hospital during the night as she is in pain. Upon hearing his sister screaming, Louie's two neighbors arrive. After some indecision, one of them looks after the kids while Louie and the other neighbor bring his sister to the hospital. Though it turns out to be a false alarm, Louie finds a bond with the people who live around him.

I actually couldn't remember his name so just googled "disgraced comedian" to find it.
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Response by poster: Yes, cape, this is almost certainly the scene I was (terribly) misremembering. Thank you.
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