What art should I see in NYC?
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What museums or current art shows should I visit while in NYC over Easter weekend?
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Depends upon your tastes. I would get the arts section of the NY Times (online free) or opening pages of The New Yorker and check out what is there. Tip: some show are tough to get into at a time you might want. Often, though, as with the Darwin exhibit (magnifcent) you can order tickets online and pick them up when you go for the showtime you have reserved.
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I would recommend the current exhibition at the Schomburg Center. Everything that I have seen there has been excellently presented and really interesting. It looks like it will be open on Saturday.

BODIES...The Exhibition is pretty unique, and worth a trip.

The Transit Museum (museum info is at this store link) is really cool too.
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art is always worth a trip. It's huge and so can accommodate crowds easily. You could spend a week in there and not see everything. And it's right near Central Park. You don't need any advance tickets or anything. It's got an overpriced cafeteria in the basement. There are numerous other museums in the area. In particular, I've grown very fond of the smaller and less well known Neue Galerie which is almost just across the street. Their Cafe Sabarsky is very popular. I love the numerous photographic exhibits that they've had. The building has a neat feel to it, too.-- Upper East Side

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) recently reopened. I avoided it for a long time because of the crowds and the lines. When I finally went, it was worth it. Get your fill of Jackson Pollacks and the like. It's the most expensive museum in NYC -- $20 (free on Friday nights, I think, though). I'd suggest getting an advance ticket. I don't know if a holiday weekend will make the crowds better or worse. -- Midtown, more or less

If you've got kids, you've got to take them to the Museum of Natural History. They'll love it. All the kids screaming and yelling drives me crazy. I prefer the art museums more. Not far away is the New York Historical Society which I find interesting at times. -- Upper West Side

If you are feeling more adventuresome and realize that there's more to NYC than Manhattan, take the 2 or 3 train over to the Brooklyn Museum of Art. You can't screw it up. The train dumps you out right at the entrance to the museum. It is a fabulous museum and will be less crowded than the usual tourist traps. And you can say you've been to Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is right behind the museum. You can even get a joint ticket. If it's a nice day, the botanical garden is gorgeous. I can't recommend this Brooklyn excursion highly enough. Always check on the MTA's weekend service advisories or ask one of the lovely **cough** subway clerks. Ask any clerk for a subway map too. It's free. They may not offer unless asked. Hey, it's New York. If you're really feeling adventuresome, it's about a fifteen minute walk from the museum to the Park Slope area of Brooklyn. The are lots of stores and places to eat on 5th and 7th Avenue. You can catch a train back at the Bergen Street station.

The NYC tourist folks also have this list.

Have fun. NYC is a wondrous place that never ceases to amaze me. And don't spend all yout time in midtown. Don't be afraid to take the subways. You'll be fine. Go down to 14th street (Ynion Square) or below. That's where things start to get interesting. :>
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Ooops. I meant 14th Street (Union Square)! Damn computers!
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Time Out covers what's showing where, and offers capsule reviews. They even have a dead tree version.
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Oh - I'd personally go see Drawing Restraint 9 at the IFC, if I was headed to NYC for easter weekend, but Barney's films are not something I can recommend to strangers with a clear conscience.
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Visitors always seem to enjoy the Transit Museum
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The Big Onion walking tours are also great. I've done several. They last about an hour and a half. They have several coming up this weekend. I'd love to take the easter Sunday lower east side tour if I was in town.

Speaking of the lower east side, the Tenement Museum tours are a terrific window into New York's immigrant history.

And I second buying a copy of the weekly magazine Time Out New York. You can grab a copy just about anywhere in the City.
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Everyone is raving about the Darwin exhibit. I can't wait to go myself.
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The Whitney Biennial is on until May 28th. (I must confess that I haven't been yet, but it is on my list.)
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opposite the moma there is (or used to be) a crafts museum that is either free or pretty low price - i visit both whenever i get the chance to visit new york, and regularly end up enjoying the exhibitions in the crafts (can't remember exactly what it's called, but it has things like contemporary textiles, pottery, jewelry, woodwork) place better.
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andrew cooke's suggestion is the Museum of Arts & Design, 40 W 53rd St.

If you like Old Masters, check out what may be Manhatan's highest proportion of masterpieces to square footage, the wonderful Frick Collection, corner Fifth Ave & E 70th St.
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I've heard good things about the Edward Munch exhibit at MOMA.
As above, it's a little expensive and crowded, but they have a great collection if you've never been there before(in addition to the Munch show).
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I second the Whitney Biennial, the Neue Gallery, and MOMA.

and I would highly recommend going to some different galleries. A great listening of the various openings is here. Check it the week before your trip and you'll find tons of cool stuff.
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You can check out the Monument to Pro-Life, in Williamsburg.
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