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wood s lot was my go to spot on the web for engaging, esoteric posts on a wide number of topics within the humanities, from literature to the visual arts. Unfortunately, the fellow who ran the site, Mark Woods, passed away in February, 2017. (Sorry to break the news to those who were unaware.) I've yet to find a site similar in scope. Do you know of one?
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I haven't been following any blogs lately, TBH, but I used to follow Biblioklept for content that seems similar. While doing some follow-up on this Madame Bovary FPP, I ran across this blog that seemed to go in-depth on surprising things (the title appears to be a reference to a Johnson quote about Italian opera). While doing some follow-up on this Sofia Samatar FPP, I noticed she was also included in The White Review's annual book recommendation post, which seemed full of unusually esoteric recommendations. LitHub Daily is more conventional but at least covers LitHub stuff and a few things elsewhere.
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I loved wood s lot, dearly miss it, and return to the archive every so often. So thanks for asking the question.

I haven't come up with anything just like it, but one site that does come to mind (of which you may already be aware) is an eudæmonist.

It's possble, too, that there may be some things of interest at neocities, if you poke around (assuming you haven't).
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do a search on google for some relevant keywords but try this - after your keywords type AND up above the search bar go to tools > time and choose “last year”, say - there are still some blogspot blogs being maintained and this helps narrow the search to recently updated ones with that domain ending. ditto try it with different time constraints as some ppl moved away from blogspot a d wordpress hosted domains in favor of their own domain name, but are still actively blogging. so, without time constraint on the search you could see if the last post on their or blog takes you to their new blog. hope this helps ! sorry if it was obvious advice !
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Response by poster: Thank you, all. The blog Exotic and irrational entertainment indeed looks promising, Wobbuffet, as does an eudæmonist, tamarisk. Thanks!
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You might enjoy the Public Domain Review.
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