I need to talk to Santa then I need Santa to talk to my kid...
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I think I need a Cameo with Santa but I need to be able to explain the situation first and the situation cannot be explained in 100 characters which is all that Cameo allows. Will I get the chance to provide more detail later? Is there another way I can book a Santa to make a video that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

My son and I have covid symptoms. We have tests booked for Thursday but may not have the results in time to celebrate Christmas with family. Christmas will likely be postponed.

The christmas gifts, including those from Santa are stored off-site and I have no way of getting them safely. I would like Santa to send a video explaining that he can't deliver to houses where there might be covid but that he will make a second trip to deliver presents once the coast is clear.

I don't want a crappy santa and I don't want a crappy background. Is there a platform that would allow me to get this?
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Best answer: I'm a childless Jew, so what do I know, but someone I know posted on Facebook that she had a good experience with Click St. Nick. I think her kid did a Zoom chat, but I believe he also does recorded messages.
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Also, is there anything that the collective MeFi universe can do to brighten things a bit for your son? Mail him some cards from elves in various places? If so, please let us know.
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Post it in Jobs? Statistically there's got to be at least a handful of professional and semi-pro Santas on Metafilter, not to mention people related to/acquainted with one.
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Also if you're on Facebook you might find your local "Buy Nothing" group - this kind of request is for "the gift of time", someone's time and expertise, and I'll bet your community would find you a Santa and maybe even help obtain your offsite-stored gifts or bring you some placeholder gifts. (Read the rules for your group carefully, though, as far as what you can ask for.)
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If you're in Toronto and I can help get your offsite stuff, let me know, I'm boosted, have N95s, and a minivan. No Santa experience unfortunately though.
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100 characters isn't so bad. "Xmas may be delayed. Santa can't deliver where there might be covid. Will make a second trip later." should be clear enough to someone who's been doing this professionally during These Times.
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The application form has a 2nd field with "Optional Details" that holds 150 characters. Here is a message that will fit within that limit:
Son & I have covid; Xmas delayed. Santa’s gifts are offsite-can’t get them. Pls say Santa can't come on Xmas w/covid but will visit later w/gifts.
Also that still leaves 100 chars in the "instructions" field to say how to pronounce son's name or any other needed info. Or to say, "Covid symptoms but won't have tests back by Xmas to know for sure." etc.
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I've Memailed you a suggestion if you're amenable to a British Santa. All the best to you and your son, what rotten timing!
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Find a volunteer fire company in the US and ask if they would do this for a donation - most of them do some kind of Santa visit/ Santa on a fire truck this kind of year.

Google: "santa visit volunteer fire department" gives me all kinds of hits - since you just need a video it really doesn't matter where they are located...
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if you can't find anyone DM me and i will get my dad to do it he is a santa
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Santa Chats through Nordstrom! $20 benefitting a children’s charity, one on one, and you get to tell your Santa any info ahead time including the message you need like yours. https://nordstromrsvp.com/festiveexperiences. They still have lots of slots available!
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I did our Santa visit this year with Mr Kringle and for the Deluxe visit they have a whole questionnaire you fill out in advance. It's not cheap ($58 for ~10 mins), but it's a good chunk of time to just hang with Santa on Zoom and talk about your year. Santa knows your kid's name and what they're into in advance due to the questionnaire so it really feels like he's been paying attention. It looks like some of the Santas still have slots available. So sorry you're dealing with this - very stressful - and I hope your eventual holiday celebration will be one to remember.
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I’m starting to believe in Santa.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, especially those who volunteered their own personal family and friends.

I went through the very first link offered right away and have been in touch with clickstnick who is awesome and will be making me two videos (the one saying santa will be delayed and a second saying "tonight's the night!" (that way my son won't go to bed every night hoping the gifts will arrive in the morning).
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Response by poster: One more update...Our swabs came back negative, but not in time for Christmas. So we celebrated Christmas one day late.

When I told my son initially that this might happen he literally did that thing where he put his hands over his ears and screamed that he couldn't hear me. I didn't know that was a thing people actually did. When Santa told him, he was 100% ok with it. He took it just fine. He explained to his grandparents that it was unfortunate but that we would all be together soon. Christmas was not as expected (there was a change of venue) or when expected, but it was good.

I'm so grateful to Santa. This is almost as good as when he brought me the play-do barbershop when I was 5.
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