How to send a one time text to 300 people?
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Currently using ActiveCampaign, and the software is set up to create long term automated campaigns, but we’re just trying to send a one-time text to an existing contact list of 300 people to invite them to an online event. Can we find that functionality within ActiveCampaign somehow (stumped by Help options at the moment), or should we use a different service?
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I don't use ActiveCampaign but I've used similar things so I spent a few minutes looking around and I couldn't find anything for what you want using their platform. I have a feeling that they have everything set up so that people have to opt-in and have the ability to opt-out because without those safeguards, they can be seen as spamming big lists of people and that will affect their overall business.

Having said that, it might be a good idea for you to DM or tweet at their twitter handle and see if they can answer your question:
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I don't know ActiveCampaign, but have used Hustle for this exact purpose and it's very simple and effective.
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You can send email to a phone number, like and it will show up as a text. is Verizon for example. The different mobole providers will all have different domains but you can spam the same email to maybe the top five providers and feel confident about reaching almost everyone. This would be my solution because I'm a database guy and buying anything takes forever so I just have to use what I've got. Hope this is helpful.
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We use at work, for sending easy group texts to everyone for weather events, etc.

Easy to setup ( upload a csv) and easy to send a single mass text instead of campaign. Also easy to reply if someone texts back.
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