How to remove holes from face.
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Please help heal holes in my face.

I've recently taken out two twelve guage peircings from the side of my lip after a few years of having them in. I miss them, but I've been taking capoeira. It is in convienient taking them in and out each class, and don't percieve it to be healthy in repitition. I would appreciate any advice on ways that I might help the holes become less visible and heal faster.

Thanks in advance.
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Best answer: If you had them for a few years then there is little you can do to aid in the heeling. The inside half of your lip should heal up fairly quickly on it's own (within a month or two), although the outside may never heal. I had labret piercings for four years, I have now had them out for about 4 years and they are as visible as they ever were.

If you are really adamant about having the hole heal over then you do have two options.

1) Make a visit to a plastic surgeon. They will make a small incision removing the "tube" of scar tissue that has healed around the piercing, they will then stitch the hole closed and it will heal over. There will be a small scar in its place but it won't be as noticeable as the original hole. I had this done to my gaged ears, although they were 3/4" and as such I have much more scar tissue visible than most would.

2) Go back to the piercing studio. They can re-pierce the same holes using a larger gage needle which will pierce out the existing scar tissue. This will open up new flesh which will then heal over as if it were a fresh piercing. I have seen this work with limited success. You will obviously have a more obvious dot of scar tissue, but some people may prefer this over a hole.
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Another data point: I had a 14 gauge lip ring that was taken out in ... 2000? Six years later it's still visible (tiny dot), although usually only other folks who've had lip rings notice.
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I've got shy of a dozen obvious dimple/dots up my ear where all my rings use to be and it's been five years. As fishfucker said though, people don't often notice.
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