Please remind me of an online vintage logo & typography collection
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I had a link to a great website but I lost it at some point. Reasonable search terms aren't unearthing it for me. It was simply a photo archive of packages, signs, and other objects with logos or emblems of some kind on them. I have no memory of the site's name.

The collector had phenomenal taste. As I recall, the presentation was simply a grid of color photos, tightly cropped. No captions.

Very few if any familiar brands were present. Nearly all of it was long-forgotten companies and products. The collector must have scoured a thousand miles of back roads to find it. Subjects were photographed in situ, under natural light.

I'm nearly certain it was a dedicated site as opposed to someone's Flickr or Pinterest.

If this rings a bell for anyone I'd be grateful for a link. Or even just something like it would be cool. Thanks.
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Best answer: Possibly Type Hunting.
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Response by poster: Possibly Type Hunting.

That's the one. Thanks a lot. Much appreciated!
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Wow, what a goldmine. Thanks for this.
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