What happened to Katherine Langridge's Narnia essays?
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Unless my memory is playing tricks with me, Katherine Langridge used to have a whole series of excellent essays about the Narnia books on her Seven Miles of Steel Thistles blog. But they've gone missing. Does anyone know why, or whether they are still accessible somewhere?

She published a book of essays on fairytales and folklore in 2016, maybe the removal had something to do with that, although as far as I can see the Narnia essays are not in the book.
I would love to read some of those Narnia posts again, they were excellent and insightful.
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Just looking at the Narnia tag there, I wonder if the essays have been collected more recently as From Spare Oom to War Drobe: Travels in Narnia with My Nine-Year-Old Self (publisher's website)?
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Best answer: Are you talking about her "Re-reading Narnia" essays which she originally posted in 2014 and then reposted in 2018? They are no longer on her blog (probably due to contractual obligations with the publisher of the book mentioned by Wobbuffet), but they are archived in various places. Here are versions of the 2018 reposts archived by an RSS scraper best read with an ad blocker:
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Response by poster: That's it! Thanks to both of you. Excellent.
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Thank you so much for this question, these are great essays!
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Oh wow I also want to thank Zumbador for posting this question. The essays are new to me & they are great :)
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