edit website directly online?
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is there an html editor that can edit webpages directly on the website online, or do an illusion of it (ie, do the ftp-ing in the background with local copies)? Ideally it would allow a 'preview' before uploading it back to the host, and ideally you would be able to save 'drafts' locally (like with email) if you want to work on them later. Oh, and ideally it would be free (cost nothing). ;)
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I believe NVU does this throught its 'site manager' feature.
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http://pages.google.com is a really basic one.
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Check with your hosting service to see if your server provides an online editing tool such as ezsite. If you are managing your own site check your control panel to see if any addin are availible.
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Win SCP has a built in file editor if you like hand-coding HTML.
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Check out Webstractor. It isn't free, but the company (SoftChaos) offers discounts for students and faculty.
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bbedit's Textwrangler will save text files in the manner you describe.
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Thanks all. I'll check 'em out. ;)
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Macromedia/Adobe Contribute does what you want. It definitely is not free though.
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HTML-Kit does it nicely. You hit save, it uploads it. You can preview in a preview pane too. And it's free.

It's made by Chami.
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For me, using FileZilla with the editor preference set to Notepad++ is close enough. Set the double-click action to 'edit' and all you do is connect to your site, double-click the file, make your edits, close the editor, and answer yes, you'd like to save the file back to where it came from. You can point the editor setting at whatever editor you like.
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I do this on my Mac with Transmit. Dreamweaver can do this, too--and while it's not even close to being free, I was really surprised at just how deep the non-profit/educational discount was.
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Sorry, I overlooked the preview requirement. :-(
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If you're not doing commercial work, SmartFTP has an 'edit' feature that will automatically upload back to the server on each file change. If you are doing commercial work, it's not expensive.
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Dreamweaver can do what you wish, not free though and many people believe it to be a bit bloated.
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a bit bloated

A bit?

Lot's of good suggestions, but stay away from dreamweaver. Way overkill for what you want, and that's not even getting into how much it sucks.
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See this similar question where I suggested some javascript based HTML WYSIWYG editors. They would require a little scripting on the server to save the file, but could probably work for what you want.
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Wow, what a great list. Thanks!
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signal's right. just running dreamweaver but calling files from a mounted server directory (if you've got a fast connection) allows you to edit your site "live." Contribute just adds some sort of client interface with minimal HTML editing.

just get thee into a cms, anyway. all you have to do with most of them is edit the .css for design and interact with the content areas completely from within a browser.
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Wordpress would be my choice. It is specifically designed for online editing and you never need to touch FTP. All web based with a preview before publish function. Also provides a WYSIWYG editor, and its free.
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i've been using PSPad lately for editing of my website. I just connect up to my ftp site within PSPad, edit the file, save it, and then load up the real web page. There might be a preview type thing but i don't use it so i don't know. You can definately save items locally too. And it's free. I'm not completely sold on it, however, as it sometimes randomly disconnects from my ftp site and i have to manually reconnect. And i'm looking for something that integrates well with PHP (autocomplete, documentation, etc) so i'm not completely satisfied with PSPad.

That NVU & HTML-Kit items posted above look pretty good, however, so i think i'm gonna try them out.
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