UK Toothpastefilter: Help me replace HEMA "everclean" Fluoride
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I grew rather attached to Hema "everclean" fluoride toothpaste: it was dense, high in fluoride, and had a strong mint flavour that wasn't overly sweet. Is there a suitable equivalent that's easily available in the UK these days?

Dutch retailer Hema have had to withdraw from the UK. When I discovered this, I bought and hoarded as much as I could. Alas, I am now down to a few travel tubes that I found in my dop kit while doing a bit of tidying.

The rest of the family likes to buy bright blue toothpastes that I find somewhat overpowering with flavours like vanilla, and which have artificial sweeteners of some sort in them. That's probably just "normal toothpaste" these days, but the sweetness leaves me with a sensation that feels unclean, even if it's purely artificial.

I won't buy from Amazon, but will order online from most other places. I live in West London where there are a large number of really nice chemists that stock luxury shaving creams and such, but I'd rather not buy-and-try my way through the whole industry if someone can recommend an equivalent.
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I don't know this particular brand but knowing HEMA and the general taste profile of euro-toothpastes... Lidl's Dentalux brand may fit the bill, and it's 50p.
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I'm currently using Ben & Anna toothpaste, which I like, seems to be minty without being sweet. I think the white one is the mint one, and it comes both with and without fluoride so make sure you pick the right one. It's spendy, but lasts well and is plastic-free. I got mine in the local plastic-free store so some of your fancy places might have it, looks like Holland and Barrett might (thought it's out of stock online with them at the moment) or you can buy online.
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Best answer: We use Arm & Hammer toothpaste (the one with bicarb) and it’s the only one I can stand now. The rest of them taste like cake to me.
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Response by poster: Happy Dave, I popped into Boots to try the Arm&Hammer toothpastes, and also found a Boots house brand that had colour-coding to match the A&H varieties. So I grabbed one of each!

It probably should have occurred to me that Boots House Brand would be equivalent to Hema House Brand!
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Response by poster: penguin pie, I will have to give the tablets a try some time, perhaps while travelling. Reviews of the ones available at Boots said they just tasted like salt, so I may need to drop into a H&B some time to see if I can find a jar.
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Ah that’s weird, my link has somehow borked - I wasn’t trying to link to their tablets - they do a paste, it just comes in a glass jar to cut plastic waste. Sounds like you’re sorted, though.
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I'm now surprisingly invested in whether this toothpaste was a good match for your needs. Please put my mind at rest.
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