Will Thy Loaf be Less Pudding
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I am obsessed with this bread pudding recipe But lost my way in the search of a French Loaf (translate lazy and ram out of time). I did find a rich cottage Loaf however of some similar texture but with it already im thin slices i wonder if it will be an adequate substitute. I do plan to toast it and cube it with only a mid forearm toss so as not to create mush bug will it hold up? What loaves have you found a good replacement in?

This is only my signature dessert. Please let me know if you have ever substituted a Loaf of sandwich bread in a bread pudding recipe and what the results were or might be.
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I mean, it may be a bit different but it will still be very good! I make bread posing with random leftover bread and sometimes it’s better than others but I’m never really disappointed.
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I'm not sure what half this post even means, but substituting most yeasted breads for each other in bread pudding will work just fine. Bread pudding is *incredibly* forgiving, especially if you are weighing your bread to get approximately the right amount, rather than relying on volume.

I (no longer, since I've gone Keto) make bread pudding with french bread, baguettes, sourdough boules, day old doughnuts, all kinds of things, even basic grocery store wonder-bread. It's never actually bad. Some things hold up a bit better than others, and I like to have some good crustiness in the mix for the texture, but it isn't strictly necessary. The key thing is balancing your custard mixture against the amount of bread you have to absorb it.
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Sandwich bread is likely to be fine, but thin slices will make a difference vs big cubes and I think it will be less successful. Since it calls for French bread any white bread will be ok, enriched would make it richer if you had it.
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Rather than toasting the bread, I'd put the cubed or torn bread in a slow (180 - 200F) oven to dry. It's the moisture that causes mush.

Also, bourbon sauce fixes most anything.
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Bread pudding is a recipe born out of the need to use up stale bread, so use whatever you've got and you are doing it right. Smaller cubes may result in a flatter final product, but it'll still taste good.
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I'm not sure what a cottage loaf is
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