Can I eat this... battery?
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I left a couple of batteries (AA or AAA) sitting on an acacia wood serving tray. One of them leaked (with the white salty stuff) and left a small stain. This was months ago. Can the tray be used for serving food (cheese/crackers) or storing fruit again if I sand, re-oil, etc? Or do I just need to throw this thing away?
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I was going to say eponysterical but it seems that AA type battery leakage stuff is apparently alkaline. (Lead-acid batteries are more likely to be found in cars, I guess.)

But more importantly, I think you're fine. This will have damaged the wood a bit but if you clean it properly (let alone sand it and re-oil it) it shouldn't leave any residue on any item placed on it. A bit of vinegar or lemon juice should neutralize any lingering substance leakage.
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The electrolyte is potassium hydroxide. If you've neutralized it it might leave a salt stain in the wood, but if it's cleaned up and re-stained/sealed, it will be fine.
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I would have scrubbed it with dish soap and a wire scourer and called it good. I’m pretty sure that any residue that hasn’t come out with scrubbing will be too minimal to transfer to food.

Sanding/resealing? You’d be 100% fine.
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I'm a chemist.

Just wash it real good, you'll be fine.
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Just wash it. It's no worse than, say, a bamboo or wood cutting board.

If you're really worried, put a layer of wax paper / butcher paper first. Cut it to shape and all that.
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If you do re-oil the board, make sure you use the right kind of oil. You want something food-safe but also that won't turn rancid.
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The only thing I would worry about is if it has a metal like manganese in it, (but really, you are unlikely to get manganism even if you dug out the spot with a knife and ate it), so maybe clean it with either Zud or Barkeep's Friend, - it will chelate metals and also act as a wood bleach to remove the stain.
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