Best place for cocktail shrimp in SF?
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I have signed up to provide cocktail shrimp for thanksgiving, and need a supplier in my new city. Ideally I could buy them pre-cooked and fresh, but frozen is ok too. Further down the peninsula is also ok.
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If you're looking for easy (cleaned, peeled, and precooked), Whole Foods is usually your best bet in SF. Their seafood is pretty good in general, though not strictly the "best."

For live seafood, there are a lot of great options. I really like Sun Fat in the Mission and Manila Oriental Market in the Excelsior, and there's a good place in the inner Richmond that I can't remember. These should all have live, or otherwise very fresh, shrimp.
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Gus's Market also offers 2 sizes of platters.
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Don't forget the cocktail sauce, extra horseradish, and lemons.
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Sun Fat in the Mission is my go-to for seafood. I just bought some tail-on shrimp there recently and it was very good quality.
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Costco usually has large rounds of them. Might want to call ahead though, since it’s the holiday week.
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Trader Joe’s has pre prepped cocktail shrimp platters.
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Fresh meat seafood market at 23rd and Mission is my go-to place.
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