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Hello, We have a video project that we have made inside Adobe Premire 1.5. We have tried to burn it to DVD via Premiere, but it kept giving us a record error. We also have Nero 6, but whenever we select DVD Video and place the avi file into the browser, the record button for burning a DVD is not enabled. Thank you in advance for your help.
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Silly question, perhaps, but do you know for a fact that you have a DVD burner? I've seen folks struggle with similar problems for hours, only to discover that they don't actually have the hardware.
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Response by poster: I have the hardware...
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Will nero re-encode the avi to vob for the dvd? (I can't remember if you need a special module to do that). Otherwise, can Premiere output the required .vob files so that nero does not need to reencode, just burn the dvd?
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From what I remember (last time I tried to use Nero for AVI --> DVD) you need to transcode the video, which takes a while. Don't use the standard Nero interface, use the video-specific one (Nero Recode? Nero Vision? Don't remember what it was called in N6). It will transcode on import and allow you to add menus, etc. The transcoding process takes quite a while.
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Damn, I'm repeating myself here.

Anyway if you don't have the full package for Nero, you ought to be able to download it: As long as the core program is registered, you can install the add-on packs for video, etc. from their website (or via online search, for N6 add-ons, if unavailable from the Nero site)
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Encode from Premiere as mpeg2, and burn with Nero using that.
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Also - if you have two seperate burners (CD and DVD) make sure you have the DVD burner selected in Nero on the pull down menu on the top. I've run into that problem before, because Nero allows you to select DVD burning, but if the CDRW burner is selected, it just disables burning. Rather strange.
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er... umm..

by "pull down menu on the top" I mean the one in Nero itself, not the CD/DVD burning wizard that pops up. If that makes sense.
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Do you really have Premiere 1.5? Or did you mean 5.1?
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tmpegenc will encode it to dvd files (mpeg2 or .vob and .ac3), takes a while, or just go back and export it from premiere to dvd compatible mpeg2
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