How can I fix iCloud photo sharing?
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For the past few weeks when I try to share photos from iCloud, I get an error message.

The error message is saying "these photos can't be shared right now, there may be a problem with the server, try again later." Today when I tried it again today and Photos (within icloud) completely crashed. I am using iCloud from my chrome browser, but I also tried in Firefox and got the same problem. The way I am trying to share the photos is by highlighting the ones I want, clicking the "share" link, and copying the link.

I tried searching for this problem but got a lot of "how to share photos" websites which aren't helpful to me. If you have better ideas for search terms, I am open to that as well.
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I have had good results asking for help from Apple Support on Twitter. When they can't answer directly, they have always referred me to email support from inside Apple. This is true even though I am outside the warranty/AppleCare time on my devices, and so technically should not be receiving support anymore.
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