Daily/weekly challenges with a different task every day/week?
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I'm looking for some kind of daily/weekly challenges or programs - little things to add to my to do list to make me feel better - but something different every day/week.

Searching through previous questions I came across darebee programs and challenges, which I really like because:
-it tells you exactly what to do every day (for example, instead of telling me to "memorize a poem everyday" or "eat home cooked meals everyday," would prefer something that gives you 30 different poems or recipes to go through)
-the routine changes every day so you're not doing the same exact thing for 30 days in a row

Any other challenge or programs like this? It doesn't have to be fitness, could be something related to wellness, organization, creativity, productivity, or just fun?
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Best answer: Inktober gives you a different prompt each day of October, (for drawing) but the previous year's lists are available and you could always do a solo outside of the month of October.
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Best answer: FlyLady is a method that gives home organization and cleaning tips, and it's designed in stages.
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Best answer: Oh I went and collected a bunch of these a while ago with the dream of doing a different one every month but the only one I’ve managed Inktober. Also couldn’t find something I liked for January. But perhaps you will be more successful! Here’s my notes:

February - Letters http://lettermo.com/
March - Knit/Crochet https://naknicromo.tumblr.com Edit Novel https://www.wikiwrimo.org/wiki/National_Novel_Editing_Month
April - Tarot Art https://mastodon.art/@TQ/101810757533141093 Poetry http://www.napowrimo.net/
May - Short stories https://storyaday.org/faq/
June - Kaijune https://www.instagram.com/p/BUxPPFJhuXS/?taken-by=phileyrillips
July - Art Fight https://artfight.net/info/about
August - Smaugust https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/smaugust?lang=en
September - Plan novel https://www.wikiwrimo.org/wiki/NaNoPlanMo Shelftember https://funcheaporfree.com/shelftember-month-challenge/?m Sketchtember https://www.instagram.com/p/BYgS8tVjUgR/?taken-by=impactbooks
October - Inktober https://inktober.com/
November - Novel https://www.wikiwrimo.org/wiki/National_Novel_Writing_Month
December - Drawcember https://eyeopeningdesign.com/2013/12/01/welcome-to-drawcember/

Not sure how many will give you specific prompts; I know at least Inktober and the Tarot art one will, but you’d have to check into the rest, been a while since I looked at them. You could also use a random word generator to easily create your own prompts.
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Best answer: Yoga with Adriene does a free yoga calendar every month with specific YouTube practices for each day.
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Best answer: Apartment Therapy has the Decluttering Cure and a January Cure, both focused on keeping your place nice.
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Best answer: The Calm app puts out a monthly Calm Calendar on their blog with daily mindfulness challenges. For example, today’s challenge on the November calendar: “Practice gratitude for the people who have come before you. Think of the people who have helped make this moment possible for you.”
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