Restaurant rec in Tempe or Phoenix for dinner out?
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Can you recommend a restaurant in Tempe or Phoenix that is hip/cute/romantic and would make a nice dinner out for a couple in their early 30s? New interesting and fun are probably better than an old standby. For a gift card, so midrange or higher but not sky high.
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Anhelo, in Phoenix gets great reviews.
Fellow Osteria, at SkySong, just north of Tempe is quite good. As are sister restaurants, Clever Koi and Across the Pond. (both in Phoenix).
Chris Bianco's, Tratto, just made a list of top restaurants in the U.S.
Bitter & Twisted has fantastic cocktails and great food.
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Best answer: House of Tricks. Super cute outdoor dining patio, great food.
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Best answer: Oh, House of Tricks really is lovely!
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Best answer: House of Tricks
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I don't get up to Phoenix all that often, but nearly every time I go, I time it so that I can have lunch or dinner at The Parlor. Their gluten-free spaghetti with bolognese is one of my favorite meals. (I hear their pizza is incredible as well.)
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Not the Tempe side of Phoenix, and it's been about 100 years, but I enjoyed my night at Asi Es La Vida.
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