Voice transcription and journaling with DayOne - need a workflow
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So I've been using Otter.ai and DayOne individually for some time. With Otter I dictate my day and then, manually I take the transcription and plug it into dayone. Tried IFTTT - no Otter integration. I know there's a dictate feature on DayOne but the accuracy is...not good.I need a better way. What's an accurate transcription app that integrates with my journal?
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Is there an intermediate step you could use with IFTTT and DayOne? Like exporting to an email address that will automatically punish to DayOne?
posted by itesser at 9:32 PM on October 13

Can you import email from your Inbox via IFTTT to Day One? You can have your transcript emailed and then processed by from there. I use VoxRec speech to text app to get my transcripts delivered to my Inbox and then filter based on keywords into a specific folder/tag, i.e. "journal" will file it automatically to my Journal folder. It also happens automatically in the background, no need to open the app twice. It's not so pretty as Day One and also the transcription is not 100% but works my "stream of consciousness" that I sometimes whisper into my watch :)
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