Sewing Tutorial for Inserting Elastic Cuffs
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Is there a good tutorial for inserting an elastic cuff in a sewn mitten pattern?

So my 6 yo niece lost a leopard print mitten this weekend while playing near the water. She was very upset, as it was a favourite but it sparked an idea. I have great deal of leftover fuzzy leopard print fabric leftover from a Halloween costume I made years ago. The idea is to make a new pair of leopard print mittens for her.

While more of a knitter than a seamstress, I feel pretty confident about drafting the mitten shapes and putting together the mittens, with one exception. I'd like to have an elastic around the wrist (with the cuff/gauntlet extending past the wrist by an inch or two) and I'm having trouble visualizing the best method for making a channel that would go around the wrist for a piece of elastic to go into and gather the fabric. Is there a good, beginner friendly tutorial for that online?
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Best answer: The "paperbag" method here looks pretty clear for the method you'd want to use

This is very much a beginner thing so you almost certainly know this, but you can also usually slide off part of your sewing machine to make it easier to sew cuffs as you can work around the whole piece instead of kind of needing to jam one part under.
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Response by poster: Aw, thank you! The paperbag method looks like what I imagined. My sewing machine was a hand me down from my mom from the seventies, and I don't think I can slide anything off, but I should still be able to maneuver the cuff around working slowly.
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