Window covering ideas for custom-sized glass door?
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I'd love to query the hive mind for ideas about how to cover up a small, narrow glass door that leads out to a terrace.

I'm excited about the terrace that's attached to my new apartment, but I know I'll need to cover up the small, custom-sized glass door leading out to it. For safety/privacy reasons, sure (it already has a lock) but as a general rule it's vaguely terrifying to have an uncovered glass door at night--no matter how secure it may actually be.

The door is small, cute, and narrow -- definitely a custom size. Any ideas for cover-up ideas that won't necessarily break the bank? Many thanks in advance!
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You want the glass to be uncovered during the day? How much room is there to either side? Do you have strong feelings about window covering styles?

Simplest is a cellular shade mounted to or right above* the door. (Above if the door molding is very shallow.) You can even get these with opaque-or-translucent sections, and in any size.
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Ikea blackout rollerblinds can be simply attached to anything and they have lots sizes with the option to adjust. I use one for my weirdly shaped bedroom door with glass panel and it works very well...
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We needed to block my nervous dog's view of the street, so we used some privacy film that makes the glass look frosted.

It was like twenty or twenty-five bucks for a big roll and it lets in all the sunlight without being able to see through. It goes on with soapy water, which you squeeze out -- so it can simply be peeled off when you decide to get rid of it.

Amazon link here to the clunkily-named "Coavas Privacy Window Film Sun UV Blocking Frosted Static Clings Non Adhesive Opaque Vinyl Decorative Glass Door Stickers Heat Control Coverings for Bathroom."
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You can get a custom size roller blind from home depot. You mount it either above the door or at the top of the shallow door frame.
Take pics and measurements before you go.

You can also mount a curtain rod above the door and curtain tie backs on either side. Hang curtain panels and part them during the day.
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Film is definitely the way to go. This rainbow stuff is seriously joy-generating if the window gets direct sun (I have a few hours of my whole bathroom being bathed in rainbows in the late afternoon and it makes me smile SO HARD every day even a year later.

I've also used this in a previous home and really liked it. It has a really convincing texture so it looks much less like a plastic sticker than some of the other films look.
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You can also use clear Contact Paper for the effect of a frosted window. It works really well (use lots of water to apply) and a roll costs under $10.
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If you don't need to uncover the window during the day, a great DIY solution is to cover the window with fabric using a cornstarch mixture. It's hard to explain, but it looks great and is very inexpensive. Check out this Google Image Search. You can easily find instructions by searching for "window covering fabric cornstarch." We bought an Ikea Billy bookcase with glass doors about ten years ago to use as a pantry, and we used this method to "frost" the glass with a cheap white bedsheet. It was a fun project, and it looks great to this day.
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They make spring loaded curtain rods that will hold sheers. You can use a couple of sheer curtains, it blocks view, but lets in light. I saved them from when I used them to cover side light windows by my front door elsewhere. Right now they are behind a vertical blind, I close at night.
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Is there space to mount a curtain rod on the molding above the door? I have a curtain panel covering the glass door to my deck. It’s actually fabric shower curtain from Goodwill that I attached with shower curtain rings, the kind with the little rolling balls so it’s easy to whisk to the side when I want to go out. The fabric is a thick cotton so I generally leave it closed in the summer when the afternoon sun comes around.
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