How to deter domestic bin fly-tippers?
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Someone is fly-tipping mixed rubbish into our bins which are meant to be separated for recycling (UK, Scotland) - what is the best method to stop them?

We could get fined for this as our bins would be marked contaminated and not emptied. As we both have disabilities of different sorts, it's a non-trivial problem to sort and remove. I can see various bin locks for wheelie bins on amazon but don't know if they're worth getting. Neither of us are handy or able to do things like drilling. Can anyone advise on the best course of action?
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Best answer: From experience: the only thing that will actually stop them is putting a lock on the bin. The "strap lock" type of locks don't require any drilling or anything, you just need to measure your bin and make sure you get the right size and it should tighten/lock right onto the bin once it's closed. You may have to do some trial and error to get one that fits.
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Best answer: Yes, coming in to suggest something like this, which you can also secure with an alarm padlock for that extra bit of security.
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Ditto on a lock, even here in the US.

Some "recyclers" are known to raid the blue recycling bins of restaurants and bars and such, esp. since bottles are worth a little money. But technically anything discarded into the bins belongs to the garbage company, and taking them out of the bins is technically considered theft, but nobody really prosecutes that, and thus a mess is made on the sidewalk which becomes the responsibility of the restaurant or bar. So they just lock all the bins.
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