The 2nd Best Watch Repair Place in Chicago
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My longtime master craftsman watch repairman has passed away. (Chris, of Chris Watch Repair). He was the guy jewelry shops sent their repairs to, then charged you a markup. I need to get a mechanical watch repaired. Have you used someone who wasn’t Chris to get a good repair at a fair price?
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I went to Viraj in Evanston for a few things, but nothing super complex. (replaced antique ladies mechanical watch movement with quartz, swapped a case back to a display case back, band re-sizing, battery replacement for a Soviet doctor's watch). I'm not sure what level repair you need.
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Best answer: I used to go to Franko at 29 E Madison, 12th floor. I had his card pinned to my cube wall and the whole office went there.
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Response by poster: I forgot to add the other complication (get it?!?), that I’m only in the Loop for 1 day a week and otherwise live downstate, so it has to be close to downtown and round trippable over lunch.

Franko looks great.
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My friend is a Chris who repairs watches: The Time Guy.
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Many years ago I was in an adjacent biz and found the Swiss Service Center in LaGrange (western suburb) to be reliable and professional. Their prices were reasonable, you can drop off in person, but don't expect them to remember you as they repair dozens of watches everyday, and have most of the gear to repair most issues.
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Franko might be cash only - it's been a number of years since I've been there.
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