Dazed and confused about sink replacement
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I have granite countertops and a crappy stainless steel sink. I want to replace it with a farm sink from IKEA.

I know a plumber can do this but have heard cutting the granite should be done by a granite contractor. Anyone done this type of project before? How do I go about this?
Extra credit if you have a person in Marietta Ga who you trust.
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Best answer: Yes, contact any reputable vendor of stone countertops, they can do the job. Get the sink into the house first so they can cut to the precise measurements. You may need some reconstruction of the cabinetry as well, since farmhouse sinks have that front component, which will require a carpenter. So the steps are: 1. Order the sink and have it delivered. 2. Plumber removes existing sink. 3. Granite outfit cuts new opening. 4. Carpenter adjusts cabinetry as needed. 5. Plumber installs new sink. 6. Enjoy!
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