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I am looking for a small email client i can use in stead of my webmail.

It has to do the following: retreive and send mail (without deleting the mail from the server). I dont need it to store the mails - in fact i would prefer it not to. At the same time I dont want it to mess with my already delicate system defaulting to thunderbird and outlook express and i dont want to set up multiple users on my system or in these two clients. I use XP.
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opera has a mail client, or eudora
posted by killyb at 1:56 PM on April 5, 2006

Portable Thunderbird, maybe?
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Would anything on this list be helpful to you? (Under "Email Clents", obviously.)
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Don't know if this helps, but if your ISP allows it what about using Telnet to log into your account via Lynx? It's a handy lo-tech way - you don't have to know a plethora of command lines or anything, and can often do the trick.
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Opera will do the trick. on a thumbdrive or on disk.
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hosted gmail? It's request invite only but I got one in about a day or so and it's spiffy. Plus you get to use google's storage space :)
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PC-Pine is a fairly lightweight and competent IMAP client. It has a bazillion configuration options, which means it can do just about anything you might want it to do, but it might take some experimenting to find the combination you like.
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