Trying to remember a special effects show from 2000s-era Sci-Fi Channel
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I remember watching a sort of "how do they do that" show about movie visual effects that would have been on Sci-Fi Channel somewhere between 1995 and 2000-ish. What was it called and can I watch it anywhere?

I remember watching it on Saturday or Sundays as a kid. I think each episode would focus on one or two movies and would include interviews with the special effects team. I remember it as being very documentary-like.

I particularly remember an episode where they're talking to the special effects team that worked on Terminator 2 and talking about how they got some of the really iconic shots where the Terminator is exploded into lots of pieces that turn into the liquid mercury stuff that re-shapes into Robert Patrick.

I cannot remember what the show was called and I think it would be so neat to watch it as an adult. If you happen to know of any other how-did-they-do-that shows about visual effects that would also be awesome!
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Best answer: I remember something called Movie Magic.
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Best answer: ^ leaper has the answer, 1994's Movie Magic. The T2 one might be 1997's "Robots: Mechanical Movie Stars" with James Cameron, who appeared on the program nine times in its three-year run. A YouTube channel for the 1994-1997 series; another.
(See also Movie Magic, 2018-2020 shorts)
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Captain Disilusion.
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I distinctly remember loving Movie Magic whenever I could find it.

For something that sort of scratches that itch now, check out the /r/MoviesInTheMaking on Reddit (especially looking for videos being shared rather than the backstage stills that are most common on there).

I also enjoy watching VFX demo reels from studios that work on current movies and TV, especially for those that you wouldn't expect have a lot of CGI.

I remember loving this one showing how some effects in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind were done (possibly first saw it on the Blue a decade ago).
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