Simple, but not "smart", hygrometer
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We'd like to get a hygrometer for the basement, and maybe one for the attic. My partner would strongly prefer not to have a wifi-networked one, but we'd like some kind of alarm (beeping or whatever) if the humidity gets high. Assuming these exist, can you recommend one that you personally found useful and reliable?
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Response by poster: I'm looking for products that people here have had experiences with, thanks! I'm aware of what's on Amazon.
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Best answer: I have this multi-remote weather monitor for paying attention to temp and humidity in my chicken coop. One of the remote units died in the first year, but they have seemed very reliable in terms of accuracy and connection--my base unit is about 30 meters from the coop and it stays connected just fine.
But I think there are a lot of similar, cheap, plastic units like this. If you just want to save yourself a trip up/down the stairs, could work, but there's no alarm on this unit.
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