ISO more yoga pant dress pants
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I cannot afford the Betabrand yoga pant dress pants, but I found two great pairs of yoga pant dress pants on Amazon. Help me find more like them!

These are the ones I found:

(On mobile sorry for ugly link.)

They only have them in navy and black. I'm hoping to find similar pants in maroon, mustard yellow, and grey (preferably with a plaid or pinstripe). Amazon is overwhelming me when I search and a lot of what they are showing me are yoga pants for working out. I specifically want dress pants made from yoga pant material because after a year of not excersising nearly as much as I should of during 2020 when I had so much free time, non-elastic wastebands make me cry. Please help this fat-but-stylish working woman find more pants for a business casual office!

Thank you in advance.
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I have 2 answers for you:

1: Skechers GoWalk pants. I'm obsessed with them. They don't come in all your colors but they do come in a few more. Shop around on Amazon/kohls/etc for best price.

2: check Poshmark for heavily discounted items, in this case of the actual Betabrand ones. This works especially well for clothing that you know the exact size you are, etc., and you can often get basically new things for half price. Ask me how much I paid for my too-many Allbirds.... (Much, much less than full price)
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Came in to say Sketchers Go Walk pants. I like them even better than Betabrand dress pant yoga pants right now.
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The same manufacturer, Yogipace, has another elastic-waist, 87% nylon/ 13% spandex, pocketed dress yoga pant on Amazon, in khaki and charcoal (& black and navy).
Women's Casual Skinny Leggings Stretchy High Waisted Work Pant has different styles, several patterned gray options, and a solid maroon option.
Have a look through the Amazon Rekucci store's pants sections (straight, curvy) -- stretch fabric blends, non-binding waistbands, many colors/some patterns in business-casual wear.
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HDE Yoga Dress Pants for Women Straight Leg Pull On Pants (4-way stretch, 68% rayon, 27% nylon, 5% spandex; elastic waist) in gray and a mustard-y khaki.
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Best answer: One thing I would search for is Ponte Knit pants -- ponte di roma is a heavier weight knit fabric so it's comfy but also fairly work friendly. There are lots of examples on Amazon, including some of the colours you are looking for.
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I just returned from an outing at my local Costco, where they had the Sketchers Go Walk pants available for $19.99. Just FYI.
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I have several pairs of Baleaf exercise leggings, which are pretty sturdy and they have good pockets. So I'm pleased to see that they also make Yoga dress pants. With a bunch of pockets.
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I really like Macy's Charter Club Cambridge pants for work--they are pull on ponte pants and look crisp and professional, but definitely have that yoga pants feel with a nice stretchy waistband.
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