Need Dystopian Hippie Sartorial Advice
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Lately I've been captivated by cyberpunk, Dune-movie-ish, Japanese tactical-looking street wear, or hippie harem pants and want to know where to look to find it. If it's flowy, baggy, tight at the ankles and black, so much the better. Brands I already know about: Demobaza, Schnittmuskel, Urban Society. But those are inspirations for what I'm on about here.
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Definitely check out Rick Owens. Ann Demeulemeester also.
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Best answer: my wife very much likes to subscribe to this aesthetic and she enjoys stalking sales at December Thieves (local Boston store. Staff are lovely. They got her into Demobaza) and Shop Untitled (NY. Also very good, helpful staff people). 139DEC is another designer that she's been into.
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Best answer: Mdnt45.
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Best answer: Acronym clothing
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They're expensive and you might have to dig around, but perhaps Verillas!
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Snow Peak mostly makes outdoorsy stuff, but when they make clothes, especially when they collaborate with other companies (e.g. Tokyo Design Studio, Danner, New Balance) they sometimes hits these notes.

Mostly sandals, but maybe Suicoke too.

(For better or for worse, these are generally expensive, produced in really small runs, and gobbled up by Hypebeast/Stockx types.)
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Elhoffer Design has the flowy black harem pants you might be looking for. They are very comfortable.
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Noctex (house brand, not the other brands they seem to be carrying now), Helvak, Crisiswear, and Minoar may all fit the bill, at a range of price points. Maybe Blackwell for stuff on the simpler side.
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Forgotten Tribes, especially the Urban section.
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Guerrilla Group
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Best answer: You are looking for Tobi pants! (Not Tobi Pants) Lots of different producers, and I can't recommend any in particular since I used to make my own (many of the photos that come up when you search "tobi pants" are actually Lastwear Steeplejacks, and I was a part of that company when it still existed.)
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Marcella has stuff that fits your vibe, and I can vouch for the quality ...
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I've had good luck with Mugen Soul. (I'm actually kind of annoyed by the tacticalness of so much of their stuff, which isn't really my style. But, their more casual stuff has been well made and properly sized.)
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Rosen? I also enjoy founder Gracia Ventus’ writing.
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Marigold Shadows
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Best answer: Uniden Online has a lot of great stuff, although some of it is a little expensive and definitely leans more techy and less hippie. The guy who runs it has a techwear YouTube channel that also has a lot of great info on styling and purchasing techwear. This is Antwon is another techwear YouTuber I like.

On the name brand front, Helmut Lang and All Saints usually have pieces that fit this bill, and they're a little more affordable (comparatively, anyway) than some of the other high fashion brands. If you are looking into the high fashion route, sometimes you can find good deals on Poshmark and ThredUp, although it'll definitely be a bit of a caveat emptor situation re: authenticity. There's also The Real Real, but I've heard they're in a bit of hot water over their verification process, so you may well be rolling the dice there too.

Honestly, Muji might also be worth a look. Some of their pieces definitely fit this aesthetic, they're super affordable compared to the high fashion options and everything I've gotten from them has been very well made.

Also, I did an ask awhile back that has a bit of overlap with your question—the main takeaway is that the search term "lagenlook" is a good one for finding clothes with that post-apocalyptic minimalist hippie vibe.
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Oh yeah, also Nutsa Modebadze - mostly shoe and accessory focused but her (very small) garment line definitely seems to fit here.

Some decent mid-price things:
Primordial is Primitive - knits are very nice
Pal Offner
Minoar, already mentioned above, many things are a little OTT but her basics are good, very nice construction and high quality for the price point.

If you like Demobaza you might also like Barbara i Gongini - her garments are also a little OTT at times but sustainably made and from what I have seen very well constructed.
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The Guardian just published a story on this style of fashion. Interestingly I saw it in their "Coronavirus" topic feed.

Dystopia-core: what is the new pandemic-era punk look?
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