Installing the Eve3 Framework
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I'm trying to install the Eve3 framework on a Powerbook G4 in order to run the Magic Bullet Suite 2.1 plug-in for Adobe After Effects Pro 6.5. I have the downloaded framework file, but when I copy it to the Frameworks folder, the UNIX Eve3 executable file changes into a document, rendering the thing non-functional.

All the other frameworks in the Hard Drive Library have lots of aliases in them, but Eve3 doesn't when I drag it over from the desktop. The installation instructions say copy the framework to /Library/Frameworks/. Does copy mean I can't drag it? Does it have to be done in UNIX/Terminal and if so, what are the commands? Is this the frameworks folder in the System Library or the Hard Drive's Library? I also have another file, the Eve3 Carbon Library. Where does that go?
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To fix the executable turning into a document problem
  1. select the file and hit command-C to copy it
  2. open the Terminal and type chmod +x then a space, and then paste. You'll see the path to the file appear -- easier than typing it out huh?
  3. hit Enter
You just changed the document into an executable!
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Are you copying the whole Eve3.framework folder or just the document inside?
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Response by poster: The whole framework. I've since found the whole framework and copied it to the Frameworks folder of the System Library. I still have the Carbon Library, but am not sure where it goes (I opted for the Eve3.frameworks folder). All said, I'm not even sure what the framework does--it it the dongle driver or a dongle substitute?

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Response by poster: I successfully converted the files into executables--thanks for the tip. How to you Force Quit in UNIX?
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