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I'm looking for a videogame that simulates driving a small boat in and around an archipelago. Preferably PNW/San Juans vibe but anything works. Doesn't have to be realistic or a sim game, The Wind Waker kinda fits into what I'm looking for. Open to all kinds of art styles.
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Best answer: eSail Sailing Simulator is around a fictional mid-Atlantic "Shearwater Islands". Claims to teach you enough to qualify for a real sailboats.

Sailaway has a persistent online world that uses real Earth maps at 1 to 1 scale. May be a bit hard.

Both are on Steam.
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It is probably not what you're looking for, but the sailing is one of my favorite parts of Valheim.
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Best answer: These may be too gamey for you, but Assassin's Creed Black Flag and Odyssey involve a lot of sailing, though there's also a lot of naval combat and such. God of War (the most recent one) likewise had a lot of rowing your canoe around and I had a lovely time with that.

I liked boating around in Valheim as well.
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Warning for Valheim: you would have to spend a lot of time grinding for materials and building an industrial base before you can get a raft (with sail) and then even more time grinding for the smallest boat. I found the game play during that time enjoyable but it is still there; you can't just install and start sailing.
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There are a couple of browser based training power boat simulators here. I suspect they are old and clunky, but they would be quick to try.
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Best answer: You might try Submerged, it involves boating around a flooded city, exploring and climbing the buildings therein. It's strictly exploring and mild platforming, no combat. Available for a number of platforms.
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Wave Race 64 probably isn't what you're looking for.
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Best answer: Pancake Sailor is on Steam, and it's free - so give it a try!

From the link:
Explore Akalana Islands, an idyllic Caribbean location offering sunset sailing around bays and open seas. Learn the basics of sailing, including steering and speed management ( how to sail upwind and downwind ).
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Response by poster: Oh I LOVE Wave Race.
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You might try Submerged

On my wishlist on Steam since this RPS review which is how I know that it frequently goes on 90%-off discount -- pretty much for every Steam sale and intermittently between them. At the moment it's full-price on Steam but 90% off on Humble.
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I've played Submerged and gotten all achievements. You pilot a small powered raft around a ruined city, trying to visit buildings and climb each to look for a cure for your little brother.

Looks like the devs added an update recently which added content.
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