Where can I find exact copies of my favorite Calvin Klein suit?
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I bought a suit at Macy's for like $140 a year ago, and I want to buy the same suit, (or very similar) online. Looking online I can only find the pants. But I want the pants + jacket. Code: CA01129 and RN90736 I am 42R and 36W X 30L. I also linked the images of the tags if it helps. I'd like to buy these from a website if possible. And I want like 5 pairs of suits if possible. here is one tag here is another tag
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Did you look on eBay? I find stuff like that all the time, using brand, description, and tags
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That's pretty inexpensive for both pieces. Could that price have been just for the pants? Are you able to look up your original purchase info--might it identify your purchases by other names or numbers? Are you looking for multiple colors or just more of the color you purchased? You don't show the whole tag for the pants. Does it have the same number at the top as the jacket does--PO 4900095612? The numbers at the bottom of the tags also bring up jackets and pants by other designers. Do those jackets and pants look the same as yours but with different names?
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Response by poster: That was the price for both, it was at Macy's on somewhat of a discount. I don't have the purchase info. I prefer more of the color I have, which is black with very small stripes, almost invisible.

The Tag for the pants is PO 4900096394.

The other designers look the same, I guess they bought the design and made it under their own brand. They would also suffice!
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further investigation shows that your suit was probably sold as 'suit separates' and that the numbers CA01129 and RN90736 probably do not identify your pieces by brand or style. The number PO 4900095612 brings up zero hits on google.

Did you buy these pieces in person or online? If online, do you have any emails or web history that will point back to the original descriptive pages for the pieces? If in person, so you have a copy of a credit card bill from Macy's that would identify the suit in any way?
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In a year in the department store business, just about everything is going to change. A suit that is essentially the same could become the Macy's website under a new number. Can you tell from the description?
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Best answer: One suggestion for you - check at Nordstrom Rack. I don't know the mechanics of it, but they often end up with Calvin Klein suits in a price range similar to what you ended up paying at Macy's. My dimensions are similar to yours and those Calvin Klein suits have been a great fit for me.

Also, for the future... if I find a suit I like in separates, I buy 2 jackets and 3-4 pairs of pants. The pants wear out quicker than the jackets, and I get multiples for the very reason you're posting here.
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Can you post photos of the actual clothing items? The RN and CA numbers are identifiers for the manufacturer, not the style numbers or identifiers for the actual clothing pieces.
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I would check Poshmark. I've been AMAZED at how much is actually on there, when looking for a specific piece.
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