What to watch after Unge Lovende.
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We just finished watching Unge Lovende. What do we do now?

Similar dramedies about 30ish people finding their way would be nice.
Scandinavian settings are appreciated, but not deal breakers.
Norwegian accents, or more specifically Sandnes accents, while wished for, are not strictly mandatory.
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It’s not a dramedy—but there’s a fab Swedish/Danish series that’s a police drama, about an autistic policewoman called Saga Noren. It’ s in Swedish. We watched it with titles and loved it. The Bridge, it’s called.
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I'm not sure where it's available to watch, or if it's available with English subs, but NRK made a series that's often spoken of alongside Unge Lovende that might suit. Norsk-ish.

For Sandnes accents, I think you can find the documentary series Team Ingebrigtsen on YouTube, hah. Both links are in Norwegian but Google Translate seems to do alright with them.
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Unge lovende looks great, is there anywhere we Americans can watch it online?
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Norwegian here.

Unge Lovende and Norsk-ish are both available on NRK's online TV platform, but not for people outside Norway. You might be able to watch them through a VPN?

I live in NYC and do watch some things on NRK's platform, but basically the only shows that are available to view here are those that NRK self-produces. More and more shows, especially scripted things, are produced by commercial production companies that then sell their product to NRK, in a way that doesn't include foreign rights.

Hjem til jul ("Home for Christmas") is a 2-season xmas series that's on Netflix, and it's very charming, and very much about people finding their way.

Did you see Another Round, the Danish film? I'd say that also fits the bill here, although obviously they speak Danish rather than Norwegian.

I didn't really enjoy it, but Love & Anarchy on Netflix is a Swedish show about a bored woman who does some wild flirting at work. She's trying to find herself, arguably.

And Rita is a 5 season show on Netflix that I haven't watched, but it's a dramedy from Denmark.

Norsemen on Netflix is kind of a viking sitcom. An American friend of mine likes it, I never gave it a try.

Aaaand... there's always Lilyhammer, again on Netflix. I didn't love it, but it's a fun way to hear Norwegian accents, including Norwegian English accents (ie Norwegians speaking English).
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