Traditional AND vegetarian full English (or similar) in NYC?
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I am interested in getting a full English (or Irish, or Scottish) breakfast in New York City. I am a pescatarian, and my partner is an omnivore. I would very much like a vegetarian meal, but she'd miss the meat, so we'd like a restaurant that serves both.

I know that An Beal Bocht Café has a meat-laden and vegetarian version of the full Irish on their brunch menu. It's not a deal breaker, but I'd prefer if there were a vegetarian sausage included in my meal so what I am getting is closer to the full experience.

Do you know of any other places in the city that offer both the traditional and vegetarian breakfasts in the city? Ideally, I'd love it if the vegetarian meal included a vegetarian meat analog of some kind.

We live in the Bronx, so we'd prefer a Bronx or Manhattan location. We're willing to go to Queens or Brooklyn if necessary, but probably don't want to venture to Staten Island (although if you know a great UK/Irish breakfast place there, mention it and maybe you'll talk us into it.)

Thanks, Mefites!
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Best answer: This menu may be out of date, so please check: Irish breakfast, Vegetarian breakfast (w/veggie sausage) at St. Dymphna's, East Village (at 117 Avenue A, between Seventh Street and St. Mark's Place, since 2019, but in business in the neighborhood for 25+ years).
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