Standup mylar pouches
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What do people do with resealable standup mylar pouches (a.k.a. Doyopacks) when the contents are done? I get the plastic-and-mylar ones with a zipper seal, full of coffee usually, but they are also used for tons of other products.

Does anyone have a clever use for these, once they are empty and washed? For example, I suppose they could be filled partially with water and frozen, as a cheap ice pack.

What is a good way to relabel them, besides duct tape and a Sharpie?

As far as I know, only TerraCycle collects and recycles these -- but it's for brand-specific programs, which is just exasperated sigh.
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Best answer: If the seal is still good, you can use them as air pillows for packing and shipping.

I also use them instead of ziploc type stuff for hauling snacks around in my bag.

You can crinkle them up a bit and use them as filler in the bottom of potted plants (keeps them lighter weight and better drainage).
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Best answer: I've used them to store adapters, computer dongles, etc to keep things sorted in my otherwise undifferentiated drawer of gewgaws. Also I've used them to keep city or country specific transit cards/money together -- I have a Japan one and a Canada one.
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Best answer: Great packages for snacks; if you don't use them, offer in lots of 10 or more on freecycle or Buy Nothing. I'm wicked frugal and would use them to pack lunch, if I had a kid in school. or worked outside.
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Best answer: I have occasionally used them to hold broken glass, either like if I break something in my home or if I'm cleaning up a broken bottle in the park near my house.
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